The Art of the Perfect Facial

What makes up a perfect facial. Is it the products and ingredients used? Is it the knowledge of the Esthetician. The massages and strokes used during treatment or the tools and equipment?
In my opinion its all of the above. A great facial should come from the hands of a knowledgeable Esthetician, A person who understands how to properly read, diagnose and treat a clients skin. The 2nd and most important part is the quality of the products that are being used.
There are many different skincare products out on the market. But a great facial should be performed with high quality products that boast strong active ingredients to make sure your skin is cleaned and treated thoroughly, so you can visibly see and feel the difference. 
A great facial should also include an invigorating and stimulating massage. This is to provide the skin with much needed relaxation, lymphatic draining and proper circulation.

In my treatment room my clients always go through a long consultation at the start of every facial in order to provide me with more information on the clients specific needs, concerns and skin goals. We than formulate a custom facial package. All facials are done with a wonderful cleansing steaming session or warm towels. This helps to relax the client, bring moisture to the skin and soften the pores. We also love to use enzymes with quality ingredients to help hydrate, peel, stimulate or exfoliate a clients skin. After the initial cleansing is done the treatment part of the facial begins. That maybe a radio frequency treatment, microneedling, dermaplaning or hydra dermabrasion. After we treat the skin we pamper it with essential oils, vitamins and hydrating serums. We then customize the perfect hydra jelly face mask for the client and finish all of our signature facials with a misting toner, moisturizer, SPF, eye and lip treatment. 

Your skin will be sure to glow and feel amazing after we use our expertise and knowledge to give your skin the boost it needs to repair and restore itself. 

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Written By: Clinical LE Viviana Aracena